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#0 - 2008/05/06 08:37:16 PM
Look at any icon for a rogue on the forums and we are all in T frickin 4! Now I may not be in full T6 yet, but can we at least get an update on the skins? Other classes have been updated, do you need help in your graphics design dept? Because I'm more than willing to help you if that is the holdup.

This is a request from most rogues here, give us a fresh coat of paint =) Or at least make us semi-dynamic when it comes to our icons and gear being displayed.

Just a friendly reminder.


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#6 - 2008/05/06 08:46:28 PM
Woops! I meant T5, but yeah rogues are in T4, maybe the web artists thought T5 was too dark/bland to set the icons apart. In any case your armory is a click away so I wouldn't worry about a forum icon too much.

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Other classes have been updated

Before Lich King comes out I'm betting there will be new icons for level 80 and everyone will be in Tier 7.

We have no plans to update the icons before that time.