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#1 - 2011/01/19 05:44:38 PM
Hello, I have question. Why is possible when if somebody on our server join Battlegound, the queue is about 8+ minutes and join to battleground around 10-15min?How is this possible, when I join with lvl 85 character on any other realms in our battlegroup i was wait MAX 2 minutes - and reality is join in 30sec
I thing when thsi problem is with our server. Drak´thul is very old server, the oldiest of all servers on EU. Why Blizzard don´t upgrade it? You create more and more and more new servers for new players and our server is tottaly grandpa

Thank you for your answer.

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#6 - 2011/01/19 08:57:45 PM

For a large part this would be largely down the population difference across the battleground, long wait times are usually attributed to one faction having a greater number of persons queuing up, while the other has fewer persons queueing so they get into more games quickly where is the other side is waiting their turn in the queue.

This unfortunately is not a server issues, but more an issues with the faction differences, and isn't something that can be fixed easy sadly.