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#1 - 2011/01/21 12:24:37 AM
I am genuinely curious. I have read with interest the opinions of many different posters about the experience (difficulty and mechanics) of current dungeon and raid content, and of course paid special attention to GC's blog about the topic.

Full disclosure, I myself have basically stopped running 5-mans at this point (I have completed 4 or 5 heroics 5-mans with one totally failed group) but I don't feel like devoting 2+ hours to a 5 man run. So for the first time I am working on getting a full set of PvP gear.

I read on MMO Champion today the write up by Paragon of their raid experience and I have to say the undertone of they didn't have much fun was least to me.

So, I ask you...what do you think of Paragon's post about their experience and how do you feel about the fun of WOW dungeons and raids at this point?

***Edit to provide link as requested***

And thanks for the thoughtful responses

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#65 - 2011/01/21 02:27:35 AM
I do think you have to take the tone of that post in the context in which it was written. Because Sinestra is a super-hardcore boss, they were pretty much the first ones to really push her mechanics to the limits. It's easy to see from their post that they were understandably frustrated. Not only were they trying to learn the mechanics and develop strategies, but we were watching closely, hotfixing several different issues as they stumbled across them. This meant they had to adapt to the changes we were making on the spot in addition to figuring out how to kill her -- and she's definitely no pushover.

We do wish it would have been a cleaner fight for them, but we really appreciate them pushing the limits of hardcore raiding, and testing us to design new and compelling challenges. :)