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#1 - 2011/01/19 03:10:44 PM
Heroic Strike now scales from 60% of Attack Power, down from 93%.

Slam now deals 175% weapon damage plus 748. Up from 125% weapon damage plus 538.
Bloodsurge now also causes your instant and free Slam to deal 20% more damage.
Inner Rage now has a 30 sec cooldown and Reduces the cooldown of Heroic Strike and Cleave by 50% for 15 sec.
Recklessness now gives your special attacks an additional 50% to critically hit instead of giving your next 3 attacks a 100% chance to critically hit. Still lasts 12 sec and increases damage taken by 20%.
Raging Blow now deals 120% weapon damage, down from 145%.

Alright so we got HS down to totally worthless now
raging blow up 10% from live
and slam seems to be worth actually using now
Overall through not to sure what exactly to expect, HS being such a huge part of our damage currently and being nerfed so hard to the ground makes me think overall we losing dps, but quite a few other skills were buffed so might be a gain, really not to sure.

Also still nothing has been done about the horrible state of fury AoE, we are dead last in AoE damage and after the cleave nerf will be last by a long long shot.

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#19 - 2011/01/19 11:03:03 PM
Heroic Strike was never 93% damage. That was just bad data-mining. You can't always trust the automated tools of third-party websites to correctly extract and organize all of the client data being sorted through. This type of misleading information has come out several times now over the course of testing patches 4.0.3 and 4.0.6, so it's a really good idea for players to be suspicious of data-mined material.

We brought down Heroic Strike to 60% (20% decrease in overall damage from live realms), and it has stayed at 60% throughout 4.0.6 development.

We did buff Raging Blow (and some other stuff) to compensate for the Heroic Strike nerf, since the intent was to make Heroic Strike a clear rage dump and not to lower warrior damage. We were concerned our initial buff of Raging Blow was too high, leading to possible (but realistically pretty unlikely) burst scenarios, so we took it down a little (but still higher than on live realms), and buffed Slam instead to make the Bloodsurge proc something you actually want to take advantage of.

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#44 - 2011/01/19 11:47:54 PM
01/19/2011 3:22 PMPosted by Donserig
If Blizzard released notes, we wouldn't have to rely on datamining?

What? The patch notes on the front page of our website were updated twice between the last build and today's build. That means many of the changes being applied to the Public Test Realms today were already announced in the patch notes last week.