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#0 - 2008/06/26 07:35:27 PM
This thread is shamelessly copied from the US Hunter forums the 26.06.2008:

A huge thank you, and all the credit, to Navarrus ( ) for the fantastic and quite extensive work put into this thread.

With a bit of guilty conscience I retain the right to revise and edit this guide, and as such I take the full responsibility for it's content. To view it's original content follow the above posted link.

If you spot any mistakes, blame them on Griffen and let me know. If you see something you find excellent it was probably Navarrus who wrote it.

A lot of things will change for WotLK. Such as the unlinking of auto shots, new pet talents, changed racials and changes to profession, making a lot of the advice in this guide invalid.

If you f.ex. are going to choose a race and a profession with a focus on the WotLK the advice in this guide is currently not solid, and I will advice to research a bit for changes in WotLK.,, and is sources for wotlk info that you could check out for this.

Any part in this guide referring to talents and speccs, races, professions, shot rotations, pets, macro's and addons is now obsolete. I will edit this post at a later time time to remove the obsolete information, but it will probably not be updated in it's entirety for WotLK.

The Comprehensive List of Front-Page Hunter Questions

This is a work in progress, and will be continuously updated as new information and patches come about.

Post 1: Gear, stats and pet
• "I'm a new hunter, what should I look for on gear??"
• "How much of X Stat gives Y bonus??"
• "What pet is best?"
• "What pet should I use for levelling?"
• "Does my pet grow as it levels?"
• "How should I spec my pet??"
• "Does a pet tamed at level 10 have less training points than one tamed at level 70?"
• "Why cant my pet learn a new level of a skill?"
• "Why isn't my pet gaining loyalty/How fast does my pet gain loyalty????"
• "Why can't I feed or Revive my pet??"

Post 2: Speccs and shot rotation macro’s
• "What is the best spec??"
• "What are the most common speccs?"
• "Which spec should I use for levelling???"
• "Whats the cookie-cutter BM raid spec???"
• "When should I switch to SV from BM for raiding???"
• “What is all this 1:1, 1.5:1 and 3:2 shot rotation talk?”
• "What rotation should I use with X weapon speed?"

Post 3: Addons, Gemming, Melee Weapons and more
• "Whats the shot rotation macro for X Spec??"
• "What addons should I use??"
• "What Consumeables should I use???"
• "How should I gem my gear??"
• "Which Scope should I get?"
• "How much hit rating do I need?"
• "Is there's always a 1% miss chance?"
• ”Should I use two one-handers, or a two-hander?”
• "Which melee weapon should I use??"
• "+35 agility or +70 AP?"
• "How do I calculate my weapon speed after hastes?!!"

Post 4: Race, Professions, and getting ready for Karazhan
• "What race should I choose?"
• "What professions should I choose??"
• "Am I Ready for Kara??"
• “Can I use PvP gear for Karazhan?”

Post 5: How do I kite and chain trap, more info
• "How do I kite??"
• "How do I chain-trap??"
• "Where can I find X information??"


The list was started to hopefully help out people who have the questions that every one of us asks at one point in out career as a hunter, and usually see 3-4 threads on the front page about it.

The points made here are not based on personal opinion, but on reasonable and validly argued responses read by either Navarrus or Griffen on our respective forums.

So, here we go!!

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#59 - 2008/07/10 07:43:30 PM
Blue tag! Nice work there ; )

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#102 - 2008/07/31 04:31:22 PM
Great guide :-)

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