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#1 - 2011/01/14 03:51:43 PM
Simply put, we’ve been moving away from hard counters such as when one class is completely immune to the control mechanics of another class. Druids, unlike other classes in PvP, were too easily able to be self-dependent without the need of any additional support from any class and were capable of avoiding these control mechanics. To counter the cost of this change, we have added additional damage output to druids. Feral druids are now doing very legitimate damage.

- Nethaera

This is bull@@!!. This is so utterly stupid that the entire quota for the year, for stupidity of the devs has been used up in this change.
So we're doing too much damage in PvP? Let's remove mobility and add that damage directly to PvE.

I don't PvP much, this change is, if anything, good for me on a competitive level, but I think it's stupid as hell. The cost is far too great, even if you double our damage output. We don't want to do additional damage! We want our core mechanic back!

What does it take for these fools to realize that we don't want to be streamlined? We don't want to be OP, we want diversity, we want to stand out, we want to be able tu use our utilities in raids, we want to be useful!

We don't want this ridiculous garbage and we certainly don't want half-assed excuses like the ones Nethaera gave there.
If you listened to even half the contructive critisism you could find on the druid forums alone, the game would be double as good as it is now.
But this... this is just horse@@!!.

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#9 - 2011/01/14 04:32:46 PM
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