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#1 - 2011/01/13 03:28:51 PM
I wanted to know if the blizzard want to directly cancel the function of druid healer?
the druid whit good gear heal about 1/2 of paladin, and is the unic healer whit direct healing spell whit big cast time.

healing touch 2,31 second
nourish 2,31 second
regrowth 1,39 second but use 6% of mana (druid whit 10k mana)

Give Back old Druid or balance the class

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#15 - 2011/01/14 01:59:10 PM
Whatever the situation might be, we are carefully watching over class balance and if there really is some kind of obvious and reproducible disparity between the various healing specialisations, that's something we're going to want to look at.