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#0 - 2008/07/22 02:38:37 PM
yes i got this straight from a friend of a friend who knows someone who knows someone who knows a dev!! so its defniately true!!

Tame Exotic
900 Mana
Channeled - Cast Time 30secs

Tames Mew Mew Kitty - lvl ??
Special Abilities

Mew Mew Rank 1 - mews at the target causing slight concern for his well being, immobilises the target for several minutes

Purring Tiger hidden stringball Rank 1 - purr's at the target causing mild soothing, (removes any haste or enrage effect) and randomly immobilises the target with a ball of string for upto 5mins or until your nan comes and undoes you

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#9 - 2008/07/23 08:37:05 PM
The developers are currently working on the exotic pet talent. Exotic pets are exactly that, exotic and not the average run of the mill pet. But whether this name will stick or not, is uncertain at this point. But these will be a range of new pets with unique abilities, that only those with the talent will be able to tame and train. Where do you get them, well, we've not got news on that right now -- perhaps somewhere, exotic! ;-)

These pets are different from normal pets, but they're not necessarily more "uber" than others. However they will have access to unique abilities not available to the normal pets that every Hunter can train. A Hunter with this talent will get extra power, but from the talent's associated additional pet talent points and not necessarily from the exotic pet.