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#1 - 2011/01/13 04:40:11 AM
First of all i went to ptr and i tested in arenas the new "balanced" charge system.
It was so <snip> rediculus how much i got kited even with a pala dispelling me like a mad pig.
Its not an opinion or something. Its just tested and failed.

I seriously want a blue post here and i want to talk to you about this. What the <snip> are you doing? All these years since wow started you gave all classes more and more controll and mobility. At the start of Wotlk warriors didnt have this charge/intercept as an arms thingy and we were getting wiped by all teams in arenas that concluded a kite class. And after that you "boosted" our mobilty and made the warrior class, A MELEE CLASS available at the game by letting us be on our target.They could still avoid us but in a balanced way. And now, after almost two years you break us again by removing the usage of the spell that was and is warriors signature. After all these buffs in all classes you break a melee class once again.

We dont have ranged attacks, or spells or ranged interupts. ALL OUR DAMAGE SKILLS ARE MELEE. And you nerf our chance to catch our target for some secs. You failed to design and play your game blizzard.You failed to balance our class for one more time.I consider that priests are the weak class nowdays but instead of breaking our mobility, buff them. Take away our Heroic Bull<snip>. Take away our burst. The mobility has nothing to do with dmg.

I realy think that im so stupid because im writing about your game and balance. But yes i think that you guys are even more stupid for making these changes even in a ptr.

Realy, can a blue post answer me or just make a new thread about this?
Why you decide this change?
Why you didnt test it by yourselfs first?

Gj Devs. Gj blizz.

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#24 - 2011/01/13 04:25:01 PM
We truly appreciate constructive feedback from players on proposed changes, however, please be aware that the use of obscene and/or harassing language in threads will often result in that thread being locked or, in extreme cases, removed. Also, players who persist in using this type of language will regrettably be taking a break from the forums, so please think twice before letting your emotions get the better of you.

We are reading and noting your feedback, but a locked or deleted thread accomplishes nothing. Presenting your thoughts in a clear and level-headed manner means it is far more likely to be taken seriously by us and the rest of the community.