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#1 - 2011/01/05 01:14:44 AM
Just have to ventilate - yet again - some frustration. And yes, it's of course PuGs, where else can you find this type of behaviour?

So, I've ditched Disc priest healing, a bit too irritating in the long run, much more out of mana. Trying holy, seems like a good idea, right?

Just one problem, Lightwell. Oh, no, the spell is brilliant, no, the problem is lack of usage of it. When someone manages to die at the side of a lightwell and yells for heal. What's the problem in that picture?

I know it's a far stretch to actually reach through to the PuGs out there - anonymity you know - but please, when you're PuGing and your priest healer drops a lightwell, please. Use it. Don't yell for heals and think the priest hates you. If you manage to die next to a lightwell you deserve both that and a "I'm an idiot" hat pressed down on your head.

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#37 - 2011/01/05 04:33:42 PM
It's a truly unique healing ability; unlike other healing spells, it requires the participation of the recipient. We've done a lot to make it much better than it was -- we weren't really up for scrapping it. Some of those suggested improvements might just run the risk of making it too powerful though. But we're definitely listening to the feedback and seeing how the improved Lightwell is working out in the field.

It's already pretty powerful but as others have noted already, now us Holy Priests are wanting to use it more, it's probably going to take a little while for other players to get used to seeing it and using it. If you're lucky enough to run with a group of players regularly, then they'll probably pick it up quite quickly. But there might be some who just never understand it, but there also seems to always be some people who never move from the fire!

05/01/2011 8:35 AMPosted by Drythorn
Then again, I've only had one healer put down lightwells for trash at all, and he was quietly trying to educate the party to try and use them. Mentioned a few useful facts about lightwell as the dungeon went on. Brilliant healer that, and made us want to try and use it without being pushy.
This seems a good point. There's a highly desirable sweet spot there, between saying nothing at all about the lightwell being there and quietly grinding your teeth when nobody uses it, and the other extreme of going overboard with chat spam and chastising people when they don't use it.