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#0 - 2008/08/18 10:40:04 PM
Hi everyone, is it just me, or is resillince and mace rogues the worst thing to date ?

I mean come on, i think blizzard didnt think about how OP they made maces and sword rogues, whit the new resillince and talents, thanks for totally outknock the fun and challenging daggers. Its even harder when everyone is using the mouse to turn camera (i aint complaining, but in the good ol days..).
Thanks to mutilate which is the most useless talent ever (a pityful try to get daggers back on line).
I meen, come on, i only see 10 year old kids ing BG's running around spamming Hemorrhage (maces).
And other classes say that rogues are op, well, whit daggers.... no.

This s*** isnt balanced. Like BM hunters > MM and Frost mages > fire and Fury > combat and so on....... sub > assa and combat.

If your ignorant and posting a comment whit the following: "yeah its somthing called PVE and PVP spec, and stop QQing." GTFO..... "sure, PVP isnt everything, ITS THE ONLY THING !" -zejex

well if every talent was made balanced so everyone could make a unique play style, instead of every warrior is 2 handed wearing, then make it balanced even if your shilede or whatever. I mean come on, everyone are stereotypes. I havent seen a dagger rogue for years, and when i do (no matter faction) i /salute, they deserve it.

i like haters, let them comment as much as they want, just make them waste their life commenting s***.

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#34 - 2008/08/19 02:58:24 PM
Q u o t e:

i think ur looking at a locked thread...

You are correct. This thread is more of a trollish flamebait than an actual valid discussion