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#1 - 2010/12/20 06:38:04 PM
Posted this in technical but no one is replying.

I was just flying in one of those Eagle transport systems, from one place to another mid way through I get disconnected from the server.

So i logged back in, and now when the game loads, it imediately kicks me out again.

What's going on, my internet conenction is fine, it just wont let me in the server?!

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#37 - 2010/12/21 01:16:07 PM

Going to lock this, remember that flaming and abuse towards isn't generally accepted on the forums.

If your getting disconnected from the game when alt+tabbing, there is a known issue when you are running the game in Fullscreen and tab out which will disconnect you.

The current work around is to play either Windowed or Windowed (FullScreen) .

If a character is stuck in-game open a ticket with the Game Masters with a character on the same realm would be advised.