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#1 - 2010/12/20 09:37:11 PM
"Wrathnoob" - Those who were introduced to WoW for the first time during WotLK and have no effing clue how to instance.

It's not really their fault, and the express-run Wrath dungeons were great for those of us who managed to get into the purple gear before all the proto-Wrathnoobs started kicking anybody who didn't already vastly outgear the instance. (I successfully tanked Heroic Halls of Reflection, and then later the same day, was kicked from Heroic Culling of Stratholme for being undergeared. That kind of thing happened a lot. Yes, I'm bitter.)

However, those players were taught all the absolute worst habits, and if they haven't gotten the message that they need to change by now, something somewhere is wrong.

The question is, what can the rest of us do to help cure players of Wrathnoobism?

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#5 - 2010/12/20 10:07:57 PM
Learning how you can leverage your skill and knowledge to help other players reach a common goal is definitely a worthwhile endeavor, and, beneath the hasty generalizations and unflattering nicknames, there's potential for some very meaningful discussion here.

If you're willing to recreate this topic and focus on how players can work together instead of simply dropping stereotypes like they're hot, then I'd like to see where this conversation can go. I'd strongly encourage you to refrain from using defamatory language, though, and other profanity (abbreviated or otherwise). It makes the baby raptors cry.