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#1 - 2010/12/16 08:34:20 PM
I'm all for how difficult heroics have come, and I, in no way, want them to change.

But it is completely unfair that we (Damage Dealers) have to wait long queues and have to accept an In Progress Queue or wait for another queue. this is beyond bull%@!%.

This %@!% was OK to pull in your little wrath baby instances, but now? Now you're just wasting our time.

Damage dealers should have the option of declining In Progress Queues without suffering a penalty of a re-queue. It's like %@!%ting in someone's face. You accept the queue, group disbands as soon as you come in.


The Tank is !#%%ing horrible and keeps barking commands like KILL THE ADDS when they are the ones making killing said adds difficult.

Why should we have to wait 40 minutes and put up with this bull%@!%? Healers and Tanks sure as hell don't.

If you don't want to give us the option to decline queues without the penalty of a re-queue, you should at least give us some sort of consolation prize. Like a satchel with gold and JP ( and maybe with a very small chance of a Chaos Orb or VP.) in it or something.

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#25 - 2010/12/17 12:16:51 AM
If you choose specific dungeons instead of the Random Dungeon option, you should never get an in-progress dungeon. We understand you may be looking for a specific dungeon boss because of a loot drop, achievement, etc., so it may be in your best interest to queue for that particular dungeon if this is the case.

We don't want to make it too easy for players to skip over in-progress dungeons. What would happen is a Dungeon Finder group would virtually always be abandoned as soon as anyone leaves the group.

Also, I think right now you're seeing more in-progress dungeons pop because, in general, the dungeons are more challenging now than they were when the Looking For Dungeon feature was first introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. Some players may get frustrated and bail at the first sign of trouble, instead of realizing that everyone may have to work a little harder than they're used to in order to conquer a dungeon.

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#29 - 2010/12/17 12:22:39 AM
12/16/2010 4:21 PMPosted by Smokelock
Zarhym can blizzard make more people play tanks?, Tank you. =)

Hey Smokelock. I've been instructed to tell you that you should be playing a tank.