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#0 - 2009/12/10 12:23:38 AM
Anyone picked one of these up yet? Things I have noticed.

Its 11 mana per person its casted on.

Circle of healing = 66 mana
Prayer of healing = 55 Mana
Prayer of mending 55 mana
Binding Heal = 22 mana
Divine Hymm = 132 Mana
Flash Heal/Greater Heal = 10 Mana

Renew gets 11 mana per tick including empowered renew.

Holy Nova does not work with it.

*Edit* Some of this information is not correct. Please scroll down for my other posts for more information.

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#36 - 2009/12/11 02:21:17 AM
The Ephemeral Snowflake now has a tiny internal cooldown to keep it from being overpowered on spells such as Vampiric Embrance (when dotting multiple targets) and Wild Growth. It will still return mana as expected in most cases.