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#1 - 2010/12/14 06:17:34 PM
Why does it seem like I only need to use one spell to DPS as a Disc Priest?

Mind Spike costs less mana, seems to do more damage (I currently crit for 7-8k) and has no cool down versus Mind Blast which costs about 50% more mana (~1800/1200) and has a long cool down?

Even with the 90% chance to crti with Mind Blast - it only crits for around 4k while Mind Spike routinely hits for around the same.

Anyone else getting the same?

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#9 - 2010/12/14 07:41:11 PM
It seems as if you're limiting yourself on the spells you're using. Mind Spike isn't the only viable spell in the Disc Priest's arsenal.