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#0 - 2009/12/11 03:49:57 AM
I was unsure if this thread would have a better home in the suggestion forums, but here goes.

Currently, there is one weapon enchant that trumps everything for healers - the spellpower one, whereas melee dps (with berserker, mongoose, and historically crusader, amongst others) , and to a lesser extent caster dps (with the new black magic) can choose to enchant their weapons with interesting proc-based enchantments.

This is meant more as a discussion of the feasibility and usefulness of similar weapon enchants, geared specifically for healers. We've already seen intersting healer procs (not necessarily almighty) with some trinkets - chance on helpful spellcasts to trigger a HoT on target, a heal on another nearby target, etc. The upcoming expansion would be the perfect time to widen the available selection of weapon enchants.

So what would the healer community think of such enchantments ? What would your personal wish list look like ? Would these enchantments get overlooked in favor of constant ones, requiring less micromanagement ?

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#17 - 2009/12/18 05:57:07 PM
We recognize that weapon enchants (and even weapons in general) aren't as exciting for casters and healers specifically as they are for melee. Procs are certainly one way to address that problem, and it's something we're taking a hard look at. As several players have pointed out though, they aren't trivial to design. Proc'ing damage is generally useful for a damage-dealer. Proc'ing a heal is unreliable at best and often just wasted.