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#1 - 2010/12/06 06:37:23 PM
Blizzard Entertainment is proud to announce two new short story series, entitled “Leaders of the Horde” and “Leaders of the Alliance”! To open up, we present a story focused on Garrosh Hellscream, the new Warchief of the Horde: Heart of War!

Orgrimmar. The first time he had seen it the sight nearly stopped him dead in his tracks. They had not long since left Razorwind Canyon behind, emerging from between its tall, sandstone walls into Durotar's unforgiving sun. Before them the red plain stretched endlessly and the horizon vanished into shimmers of heat that distorted the distance. This was a far cry from the rolling green hills of Nagrand.

"There! Can you see it?" Thrall halted his mount and pointed toward the northern horizon. Garrosh pulled up next to him and squinted. Behind them their entourage slowed and milled about.

In the distance he saw a tall gate, a wall of sharpened wood pylons, towers roofed in red… No, his eyes played tricks. He started in surprise. Orgrimmar could not possibly be that large. He glanced over to see Thrall watching him intently, the barest of smiles on his face. Clearly he waited eagerly for Garrosh's reaction. Garrosh felt his cheeks burn. Garadar might not be particularly imposing, but he was the chieftain. He was his father's son.

Not only is this piece the first in the new “Leaders of the Horde” short story series, it also the first official Blizzard publication written by the winner of the 2009 Global Writing Contest, Sarah Pine! She’s a regular poster on this forum, so feel free to say, "Hi."

You can find the story, and a link to download it as a PDF, here:

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#2 - 2010/12/06 08:21:45 PM
The link is broken, Neth. :/

EDIT: Okay, weird - the link is only broken if I'm using Chrome. Might want to get that fixed.