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#1 - 2010/11/30 06:46:13 PM

So as the title implies, there is a bug with how the Dungeon Finder evaluates someone's average item level. I just finished leveling this druid 2 days ago, and naturally I wanted to queue for heroics to start raking those JP's in, as well as replace those BoA's and T6.

Well, off the bat I had no dice. I used heirloom chest, shoulders, staff and both trinkets from 1 to 80. First issue is that all heirlooms have an itemlevel of 1. I understand that this is necessary to restrict item enhancements, but this affects the average quite a bit. Heirlooms at 80 are quite good and I wasn't able to replace any of them from regular instances (ToC/ICC regulars excluded, since the system won't let me queue for those, because of the bug described in this post...). The dungeon finder system should consider heirlooms as ilvl 187 on someone level 80, even if just for matchmaking purposes. (if playerlevel = 80 and slotilvl = 1 then slotilvl = 187).

The second issue I stumbled upon while trying to raise my average Ilvl so I could queue for heroic dungeons. Take a seat this one is big. The "Average Item Level" is calculated from all soulbounds equipped, or in bags/bank. Needless to say this is retarded. Nevertheless it let me fix up things by buying some random pieces of gear for my heirloom slots, getting them soulbound, and carrying them in my bags or sticking them in my bank. Average Ilvl doesn't change after that, even if I have heirlooms equipped. If I vendor those placeholder items, the average decreases. Obviously any "average" item level is only significant if the item is equipped, and the way the average is calculated now is absolutely useless for matchmaking purposes. This should be changed, or at least given a more descriptive name ("Average Item Level I own."?).

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#3 - 2010/12/01 05:49:50 PM
I'll forward this up as a suggestion.