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#1 - 2010/11/24 04:32:35 AM
Seriously Blizzard - why did you "balance" (i.e. mega-nerf) all the classes for 85 and 'shatter' Azeroth a full two weeks before the expansion?

Okay, I get that you want to get a head start on the content - but two weeks???

In essence, riding around a Shattered Azeroth, but without new quests, or without new races with unique story lines, is like Xmas without the presents - or, worse, like waking up on Xmas morning, seeing all the shiny presents, but being told by your parents that you can't open them up and play with them for two weeks .. but you can toss the packages around in the meanwhile, GL HF!

In any event, in this players opinion, you released the Shattering too soon

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#3 - 2010/11/24 04:36:50 AM
I'm actually pretty excited about the release. I won't even get to experience the content until like Thursday, but I don't really think it was released too soon. There still a lot to do. Like Faizaniel said, 2 weeks to roll an alt and experience the new race/class combos and the new starting events.

Plus, I feel like releasing it earlier is going to make the expansion launch a lot smoother since the major content patch isn't happening the same day.

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#6 - 2010/11/24 04:43:05 AM
From a production standpoint, it makes a lot more sense to release such sweeping changes to the world before the expansion itself is released so we can ensure everything is running smoothly. We want to make sure the process of activating Cataclysm-exclusive content is as easy and smooth as possible.

This content spent a great deal of time in testing environments, but the best way to know things are functioning correctly is to implement these data changes on all live realms. There actually is a lot of new content and things to see for players out there right now too (unless you prefer sitting in Dalaran at level 80 all night).

It's kind of win/win. You get a sizable chunk of Cataclysm content in a free content patch two weeks prior to launch, and we get two weeks to make sure any remaining kinks are ironed out. :)