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#1 - 2010/11/23 08:00:00 PM

The Cataclysm is nigh! The world of Warcraft is changing -- not only in the game -- but also on the web! With this Wednesdays patch (4.0.3a) all quests from level 1 to 60 will undergo radical changes. You can read all of the details about these changes in this helpful article on our new community site. Also, our current forums are switching to read-only mode and you will only be able to post in our new forums. You can find more information on this here.

During patch days, everyone wants to get updates as soon as possible, and our Support team is here to help you with a special FAQ designed to address any issues which might arise while patching. They are there for you by phone and email, and you can access the full support site here which also includes general assistance on in-game topics and new content. Contact information for our Account and Payment Support department can be found here, and should you be in need of Technical Support, you can find Contact information for our Technical Support department here. Our Customer Support and Technical Support forums are also available in case you have any support related questions, or if you merely seek up-to-date information about known issues regarding the latest patch.