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#0 - 2010/11/16 10:08:14 PM

I would like complain about that low level players (i saw a level 78 inside one of them) can queue up and come kill the pre-cata event bosses. The damage the party takes is doable as a lower than 80 level player, but the damage done / dps is a problem. In the party i ended up in there luckily was only one lower level. But if 5 "unlucky" low levels ends up in a group for the place, it will fail, for sure...
Please consider if it should be like this, im also finding it a bit unfair to the higher level players.
Might just be me, but very annoying to carry low people through. (the 78 enhancement shaman in here also needed on something that wasnt even for his spec, like that makes it any better xD)


Thanks in advance

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#37 - 2010/11/17 03:41:43 PM
Thread has derailed into a flamefest, hence the lock.

Please keep a civil tone when posting on these forums.

Thank you.