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#0 - 2010/11/04 09:34:32 PM
First off, huge props to Daelo for responding to the requests of a lot of people. I look forward immensely to testing the content when I can actually find more than 15 minutes at a time to do stuff.

The purpose of this thread is to provide feedback for the newly tuned 15-60 dungeons. I'll lay out a few guidelines:

NOTE: a lot of spells are bugged and are doing very very low amounts of damage. Report these too, specifically, for ease of blizzard reading this.

1) Make sure you elaborate on the type of gear your group had, it makes a HUGE difference at this level.
2) Don't complain about a boss if it obviously hasn't been tuned yet. Some dungeons aren't done yet.
3) Remember these are tuned for all players to be able to accomplish leveling up, so construct your feedback around that.

I'll create a master list of feedback and dungeon completion statuses (as far as my knowledge goes). It will be updated as people post about bosses and their experiences with them.

Ragefire Chasm: Complete
- Seems to have about 30% more health around.
- Melee damage up ~100%
- Had our tank die when he charged ahead of the healer to a 2 pack the other night. Had BoA pieces, too.

- Shaman trogg lightning bolt hitting for about 1/3 what it does on live.
- Curse of agony from cultists ticking for 1-3 damage.
- Rock elemental fire aoe hitting for 11 damage (about 1/3 of live).

- Has 8200 health, took about 50 seconds to kill.
- Melee on tank for 100-120 damage
- Cleave that hits leather for about 200 damage. Sometimes cast on back to back melee strikes.
- I thought this boss was good for the first one that people fight. Has a nasty cleave that melee dps can't get hit by without having an angry healer. Otherwise as tank and spank as you get. having him in a crowded room really made us pull the mobs carefully. We didn't use cc, but we pulled rather carefully

Targamar the Hungerer
- Has 8900 health, took about 45 seconds to kill.
- Melee on tank for ~150 damage.
- Upper cut for ~200 damage
- Fire nova*
- I found this boss to be another good conceptual teacher. It gives healers some uninterrupted aoe damage to heal through. He also has some decent burst on the tank with a fire nova > uppercut > auto attack combo. Brought our tank to 30% in 3 seconds (but no problem for our healer in questing gear).

- Fire nova is hitting for ~30 damage. Should be hitting for around 150.

Shadowseeker Jargok
- ~7700 health, took about 30 seconds to kill
- Melee for ~100 on tank
- Curse of Agony*
- Immolate*
- I think this guy is a bit boring. His immolate should hit hard and be interruptable on a random target. He should also have a "gtfo" mechanic like a rain of fire or a hellfire or something.

- Curse of Agony hitting for 1-3 damage
- Immolate hitting for ~25 and ticking for 10
Deadmines: Complete
- Trash before first boss was fine.
- Trash in second hallway was fine. Goblins hurt.
- The Oafs in the second boss's room KILL! Their attack speed is slow, but I was crit for 450 by an enraged one on my 21 rogue.
- Trash up to third boss is fine.
- Birds on the dock don't do much at all. More of an inconvenience.
- The trash on the boat seems to be the same from classic. It hits very weak and has very little HP.

- Everything seemed to be in working order.
- The casters and pirates on the ship don't hurt in the slightest (30-35 melee on a rogue with 18% damage reduction)

Ogre mage guy:
- First phase is fine. Decent tank damage.
- Second phase is lacking. The frost and fire bombs need to move faster or hurt a lot more because they're insignificant atm. You don't have to move.
- A small issue comes up with the phase transition. He talks for a good 10 seconds which makes the air phase last not long at all.

Lumbering Oaf:
- Fight is decently tuned. The charge/smash could use some more damage.
- Bombs could explode faster or do more damage (50 is quite low considering how much hp people have).

Foe Reaper 5000:
- Melee damage needs a severe buffing. His cleave ("auto attack") hit for ~25 damage on a leather wearer and his overcharge hits for less than 150 damage overall. Even when he enrages, the damage is negligible.
- Make the cleave and whirlwind hurt ALOT more. A whirlwind hitting for 10 damage and a cleave for 30 on leather is not a threat in the slightest.

Admiral Ripsnarl:
- Melee damage seems bugged. Very very low (<30 damage before his buff starts stacking). No where near enough hp to make the buff stack to a dangerous level.
- Vapor phase seems worthless. 3 non elites with 200 health die in seconds. Make them elite or make them merge or something.

- Cute fight. Not much needs to change.
Shadowfang Keep: Complete
- Trash before first boss was fine. The ghouls hit hard enough to be a threat, and the roaming packs of geists were a nice thing to watch out for.
- The large abominations were a nice touch. Their pustulant spray barely does anything though. Roughly 70 direct damage and a 3 damage/tick dot. I don't even think I noticed it when it hit most people.
- The 2 rooms before Baron were properly tuned. Cleaves and tight pulls rounded it off nicely.
- The skeletal reaver's channeled attack literally hits for next to nothing. It misses 50% of the time and hits for about 30 on cloth for about 2-3 ticks. Melee damage was fine.
- Other trash before springvale was fine.
- Rest of the trash from after springvale to the 3rd boss was fine. The ghoul's with the poison cloud could hit harder.

- Spells that didn't hurt enough were:
- Ghoul poison cloud
- Mage ghouls didn't really do any damage with their frost bolt.

Baron Ashbury:
- Fight is generally fine. 60% heal of the group kind of trivializes the asphyxiate. Should be similar to heroic, but not quite as harsh. Maybe 20% of group's health for 10% of his per cast.
- Pain and Suffering only ticks for about 70 damage. Less than 30% of someone's health for a 5 second channel. I would recommend a little more damage.

Commander Springvale:
- Fight is fine overall. Lots of stuff to avoid. No bugs.

Baron Silverlane:
- Fight is fine for normal mode. Could summon the second worgen spirit a bit faster.

Poison vial boss:
- Fight is fine. Wouldn't change anything.

Lord Godfrey:
- Fight is fine. Ghouls are pretty insignificant.

Wailing Caverns: Unknown

Stockade: Complete

Blackfathom Depths: Unknown

Gnomeregan: Unknown

Scarlet monastery: unknown

Maraudon: Complete

Dire Maul: Complete

Uldaman: Complete

Scholomance: Complete

Stratholme: Not complete

LBRS: Not complete

Sunken Temple: Not complete

Razorfen Kraul: unknown

Razorfen downs: Complete
-Health ranges from 5100-7200
-Melee damage from 100-250
-Spells 150-250
-The reavers HURT. Their basic melee was 150-200 on 45% damage reduction. They enraged and had a cleave upwards of 300.
- The casters didn't hurt too much, just spammed shadow bolt.
- Was nice to see the mages towards the end using a rather powerful blizzard (200 damage/second). Teaches people to move out of the bad stuff early.
- Trash packs were large enough to warrant CC if the group is inexperienced. I was soloing on a 48 protection Paladin (~5 levels over recommended) in FULL boa/appropriate level blues and I was spamming heals for half of the trash packs. The spell casters could use a small buff though. The shadow bolts and fireballs were hitting for less than 200 damage with almost 3k health on me.

- Trash packs with Virulent/deadly poison were bugged. It ticked for <10 damage and individual mobs couldn't stack it.

- 44000 health. Took about 5 minutes to solo.
- Melee for ~250 on the same paladin.
- Curse that makes casting and melee 15% slower.
- Poison attack on a random person.
- Aoe immobilize. Does a small amount of damage.
- This fight was a bit bugged and rather boring. The poison attack should be a lot deadlier, the curse should deal damage, and the aoe immobilize could do more damage. Otherwise ok.

- Poison damage is bugged
- Aoe web appears to be doing an absurdly low amount of damage (<50).

Mogrash Fireeye
- 34,000 health took about 3 minutes to solo.
- Fireball spam for about 300 damage.
- Fire Nova 2 second cast 200 damage.
- Tons of adds that hit for about 50 a piece.
- This guy's mechanics are a little underwhelming. Perhaps he could mark someone for the skeletons to attack, or have a much stronger fireball that has to be interrupted. The AoE could do more damage too.

- 46,000 health. Longest attempt lasted 5 minutes.
- Melee's for about 450-500 base.
- Plague cloud that ticks for about 100 damage on melee.
- 50% enrage, 10% damage
- 20% enrage, another 20% damage and 45% attack speed.
- Thrash: 2 instant attacks
- Wow. This guy hurt. First attempt he killed me from 70% to 0 in about 4 seconds. Melee, thrash, aura tick, melee, dead. I could have used the holy power for a heal but I was dumb and used ShoR. Second attempt got him to 50% and went oom, then died. Third attempt was best attempt. Got him to 4k health, but his second enrage was absolutely killer. Hit me for 550, then a double 600 thrash. Dead.
- This is definitely a healer/tank check. The aura doesn't do a ton of damage, but the amount this boss puts out on the tank makes it so that aura will add up over time. I would anticipate a group in leveling greens/blues will take about 90 seconds - 2 min to down this guy. I'm NOT saying it's over

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#14 - 2010/11/15 10:59:18 PM
Thanks for this thread, I appreciate it a lot.

I'll look into the issues with some of the low spell damage. Damage over time spells in particular look nerfed to oblivion for purposes of dungeon encounters.