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#0 - 2009/12/16 04:45:11 AM
Equip: 73 haste rating
Equip: Each time you cast a damaging or healing spell, there is a chance you will gain up to 220 mana per 5 for 15 sec.

I was unable to roll need on it, and it ended up getting disenchanted.

Yes, I know - LAWLBLUE. This is a new alt that just hit 80 yesterday. I've been healing heroics (since the queue for dps is so much longer), and it would be a nice upgrade from my current trinkets.

Why can't priests need on that?

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#14 - 2009/12/17 05:39:04 PM
There are some trinkets that are improperly classified in the Need Before Greed system. These are typically things that proc and the procs are hard to detect. We’re getting them fixed.