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#1 - 2010/11/12 01:02:54 AM
I'm not sure why players have such low chances to hit eachother if they are more than a couple levels apart. For PvE I understand it, but for PvP? What's the point?

Higher level players already have more damage, health, spells, talents, and better gear. Adding the huge loss of chance to hit makes PvP between a level 42 and a level 45 extremely lopsided, whereas a 42 and a 44 would be a MUCH more even match. One level suddenly makes an enormous difference in the fight, for no reason.

Edit: Portion regarding BGs no longer applies as much, as now BGs have much smaller brackets. There's still some irritation if you're a ?0-1 and fighting a ?3-4, or ?5-6 and figthting a ?8-9 though, and it would be great to have even that arbitrary reverse-handicap removed.

This isn't just for the lowbie's sake. Same goes for World PvP. There's no reason at all to attack low level towns, because there's no challenge. When a high level player attacks a town, everyone there is screwed. It's not fun, it's not exciting. It's boringly predictable. The lowbies all have to run away or wait until an 80-85 shows up to fight them off. It would be so much funner if, when a couple 80s attack Honor Hold, say, the nine or ten level 60-63 players can actually stand a chance of fighting them off. The 80s will have a huge advantage, as they well should. But it shouldn't be a forgone conclusion that the 60s won't stand a chance.

Also there's just the fun-factor of dueling. Right now you have to find someone within 3-4 levels of you for there to be any point to the duel. With the huge hit discrepancies removed, you'll be able to duel higher players and actually stand a chance, or duel lowbies and actually have a challenge. They probably still won't win if it's more than a 5 level gap, especially if that gap extends past the 60, 70, or 80 mark. But at least you'll be able to put up a fight and get the enemy's health down at all.

This is going to be more important than ever in Cata, where the entire world will allow flying. Eliminate the roflstomp and give players a more even ground to fight on when they get dive-bomb-ganked in STV.


I don't see how people are reading this as "QQ, I want to be able to beat higher level players 1v1." I guess people just have trouble with reading comprehension.

If one 73 attacks a level 60ish town, three or four (or hell, ten) lower level players should stand a chance against him. This is not the case.

In a 30-35 BG, the lower level players should be able to contribute to a fight against the higher level players based on what gear and skill they have, not handicapped further by an arbitrary miss % chance that sharply divides their fights between someone 2 levels higher, and someone 3 levels higher.

This is not a QQ about PvP servers being gank-filled. It's a QQ about how boring world-PvP is when it's so one-sided, and how pointless an additional handicap is over the existing legitimate power difference between big gaps in levels. This change would make PvP funner for everyone except the ones who enjoy attacking low level zones while being untouchable, and personally I don't care about people who get their jollies beating little kids up at the playground.

Edit 2:

Thanks for all the support people. Here's a post that did a good job summing up our arguments throughout the post so far:

The OP has suggested a fantastic idea for those of us who PvP in the world, and also those who use BGs below the cap. The number of people making sad rebuttals to the tune of "QQ" are missing something great. This could do HUGE things for World PvP.

Ganking may be a time honored tradition, but no one likes it except the person doing it. Getting your 80 usually means returning to an empty zone, and a huge time loss. With this change implemented, you could fight back. Don't we all love the few fights we get while leveling that were remotely fair? I LOVE PvP during my leveling, and this could bring it back.

Gankers will still gank. 80s will still crush most 60s, etc. However, suddenly it won't be a roll over and die situation, and as many have pointed out, people can fight back. It will make world PvP, from within 2 levels to attacking low towns with your level-cap, infinitely more interesting when there is potential for resistance - and isn't interesting what we all want? Players can currently engage anyone below them, but looking up the scale you face a brick wall. This puts a door in it, letting you fight more people.

This change could revitalize world PvP, make leveling more fun, and make town raids more interesting. Southshore, anyone? The only potential downside is increased risk for those who want zero competition griefing of other player characters, and if they are smart they will still be able to do it using the many advantages remaining to them.

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#2 - 2010/11/12 05:03:05 AM
This is going to be more important than ever in Cata, where the entire world will allow flying. Eliminate the roflstomp and give players a more even ground to fight on when they get dive-bomb-ganked in STV.

Actually, it's already substantially easier to hit a higher level player in PvP than it is to hit an NPC of the equivalent level; though perhaps not to the extent you had in mind. On the same token, PvP is only really intended to be a reasonable challenge between characters that are within a few levels of each other.

Gaining levels should confer power, and it's not at all untoward for a higher level character to have a significant advantage over a much lower level character. If one wants to beat a higher level player in PvP, then it's in their best interest to gear up, study up, and deliver a satisfying beat down once they catch up.