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#0 - 2010/11/11 04:57:58 PM
Disclaimer: I do not frequent these forums so I have no idea if this has been suggested yet and did not perform an exhaustive search for similar suggestions prior to my posting. Please direct me if I have overlooked a similar post.

I have however come across many suggestions/ideas about how zealotry can be changed to improve the talent, ranging from:

1. Change Zealotry into a special strike
2. Remove it from the GCD.
3. Keep it from consuming HoPo.
4. etc...

As we know, #3 has already been implemented and is being tested right now. My suggestion goes along with this change and #2 in my list.

I propose that Zealotry cause all damaging attacks to generate a Hand of Light proc when used for the duration of the buff. Now this may seem a bit overpowered (I have not attempted any math to test this), but not only would this reduce our need for haste to make this talent worthwhile, but it would also provide great synergy with Divine Purpose since we would not lose our HP generation. Along with this, the ability would either need to be off the GCD or triggered by our next attack.

It occurred to me that this mechanic could be a bit unbalanced. If it was determined that too much damage or healing was being generated during Zealotry it could stop Holy Power generation while active to limit WoG or TV spam.

In addition, this would make the ability much more valuable in PvP (read: getting kited) as you can make use of it with Judgement and Exo if you have AoW up.

I really do no PvE whatsoever (outside of the necessary VoA/Weekly runs) so I'm not sure how serious raiders would feel about this change.

Heres to hoping for blue/constructive feedback.

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#2 - 2010/11/11 09:33:48 PM
Zealotry (in Cataclysm) does not consume Holy Power and is not on the GCD.

This seems to be a common misperception, probably because this is a change from how it works on live, so I wanted to clear it up and maybe nudge the theorycrafting towards some more accurate numbers.