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#0 - 2010/11/10 05:43:26 AM
Some kind of word on whats going on with combat spec?

The changes you presented have proven to fall short of fixing the spec... Is the devo. team even bothering or should I expect to have to either switch to a different toon or raid in a spec I can't stand?

I really hope you have plans to fix the spec, I've played this toon since vanilla as combat and I enjoy it very much, however when I'm putting up numbers that don't even compete against hybrids, I don't think the spec is doing very well. We are supposed to be doing a heavy amount of DPS, yet rogues as a whole are falling short of other pure DPSers and even HYBRIDS??? While Assassination is somewhat viable it to is lacking as well when compared to other classes, but Combat is in serious trouble here. The rotation has been given new abilities that are clunky at best, it is very frustrating to now be doing more work for less reward... Throw us a friggin bone wontcha?

PS: This is starting to remind me of Sony and the lack of info regarding FF mmo problems...

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#10 - 2010/11/10 05:40:02 PM
Q u o t e:
Sony did Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies, FreeRealms, and the world's greatest MMO failure of all time, Vanguard.

They've had some of the most collossal screwups in the history of MMO's, including but not limited to:

The SWG Combat Revamp. It is impossible to even fathom the idea that someone can actually make an MMO based on Star Wars fail, but Sony managed to do so.

Releasing EQ2 before it was ready, just to react to WoW.

Not updating EQ1 Character models, continuing their timesink as 'progress' philosophy.

Buying Vanguard, period, a game whose failure was premeditated by Brad McQuaid being addicted to posting on forums.

If anything, John Smedley should have a restraining order taken out against him preventing him from coming within a quarter mile of video games, for the good of the industry, except I understand he's a fairly avid WoW player. I do cherish hoping that the hapless horde I kill is him.

The only thing they DIDNT screw up was Final Fantasy, only because they never owned it.

Not relevant to class discussion.

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The problem is that we've been asking for some info for almost 2 months now... Cata is weeks away and the spec is still broken... We have threads with linked charts, data, theorycrafting etc etc, this thread: that is now 25 pages long and a nothing, not a word.

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