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#0 - 2010/11/06 03:19:59 AM
I know we're migrating to the new forums, and despite the cramped feel it has to it (much narrower post side borders) and awful color scheme/contrast (orange text on a reddish orange background...really?), I can adjust. it won't be fun mind you, but I can adjust.

What I cannot adjust to is the fact that logging into the forums also keeps you logged into the main account site. I cannot stress how much of a security issue this is. I already have to uncheck that stupid "keep me logged in" checkbox every time I check on my account or want to manage a game. Now I find that the new forum, in order to use it without wanting to claw my head off for having to login every time I return to it (which is frequently), I now have to compromise my main account security by having that logged into as well.

You need to separate the account login from the forum login or allow your users to select an option that lets them login to the forums only and leave other security sensitive areas as required to manually login.

Did you seriuosly NOT learn from the fiasco that ensued once you instituted the new login mechanism last year? You know, the endless account compromises that didn't used to occur prior to that system.

This is my personal computer, and nobody else uses it, ever, except me. I still do not want to be logged into my account management in any way when logged into the forums.

It's one thing when being logged into a forum also keeps you logged into the control panel for said forums. It's another thing entirely when you're forced to remain logged into your actual game management system just to post to the forums.

I don'y mean to be rude or snarky, but why is it that we have to keep going in circles with Blizzard regarding out security, only to have Blizzard 'fix" the holes after the fact (i.e. only after incidents pile up beyond reason)?

Let this stand and you'll have a new wave of security related incidents, what with the myriad ways that a user can be tracked/logged when using their browsers.

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#11 - 2010/11/06 04:22:12 AM
Thank you for the feedback, Tiapriestess. I'd move your thread over to the right forum if I could but the new forums are completely separate. When or if you get a chance, could you re-do your post in the Website Feature Requests section of the new WoW forums? Here's a link for ya: