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#0 - 2010/11/04 07:21:39 PM
Please point me to one single shred of evidence, one World of Logs, one single anything that shows Rogues doing more DPS than any other class to warrant any sort of nerf.

Currently a Rogue isn't even in the top 500 places of top DPS in World of Logs. Check out Saurafang -- this is a Rogue at optimal DPS. The top classes are Mage, Lock, Druid, War.

Maybe this is acting too early. Maybe this is preemptive. But I can't understand how anyone who has played a Rogue in a raid environment since 4.0.1 went LIVE can see anything other than the bottom of the DPS and Dmg Done charts.

And Blizzard tunes this by -- nerfing?

What I can understand is how you would nerf a Rogue if your ONLY testing comes from hitting a Heroic dummy. My individual DPS is way up from 3.3.5. My raid DPS is WAY, WAY down. This happened because most raid buffs were nerfed and several completely eliminated, making Rogues not scale in Raids anywhere near what they used to.

I assume the nerfs are on the basis of PVP. The hardest nerfs were to our Sub tree. Our LOWEST DPS tree.

Have you guys even played PVP? I can't even begin to name all the classes that outburst Rogues. But I'll try:

Arcane Mages,
Frost Mages,
Fire Mages,
Destro Locks,
Arm Warriors,
Fury Warriors,
Ele Shaman,
Frost DKs,
Balance Druids,
Feral Druids,
Ret Palis,
Prot Palis

-- did I miss anyone? I probably did.

What is the thought process behind nerfing the damage on one of the lowest DPS specs in the game? I've crunched the numbers. I've ran the scenarios over and over. And for the life of me, I can't see how this is even remotely warranted.

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#20 - 2010/11/04 08:43:18 PM
Q u o t e:
Backstab now deals 150% weapon damage, down from 200%.

Backstab is still 200% weapon damage at level 85.

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#26 - 2010/11/04 08:51:17 PM
Backstab is also 200% at level 80. If you are on beta, you may have a tooltip that says 150%, but it is lying to you. If you are on live, it has always been 200% and will stay that way for Cataclysm.

Below level 80, Backstab (and other attacks) will do less weapon damage, which is really all this change was trying to accomplish.