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#0 - 2010/11/01 10:34:38 PM
Since I know there are many other people out there in the same situation as me I thought I'd start up this petition to see how much support we can get to PROVE to Blizzard that players want additional character slots. I asked at Blizzcon about getting additional character slots and the joke of a response was "for an additional $15 a month you can" This meaning basically buy all the versions of the game again and on top of that the monthly fee. So here is to ask Blizzard LET US PAY for additional character slots. You've made it a pay feature to switch toons to different serves, you've made it a pay feature to switch toons from horde to alliance. How about letting us PAY for additional character slots on the realm we choose to play on instead of forcing us to delete/transfer/create on different realms.

For those of you who say well just delete chars you don't use, you can't possible play all 10 slots, bank alts/profession alts don't count, if you have all slots filled you must have no life. Here's your answer. Me and my husband have been playing WoW since begining beta. We each have 10 (level 80) characters on our home realm Uther, One character of each class, and one + of every race, some which raid, some which are for fun. Yes we still have lives, we both have good jobs, and yes we still enjoy other activites aside from playing WoW.

It would just be nice if Blizzard would offer the same consideration to the player base that finds a solid server home and wants to keep all their characters together the ability to pay a resonable fee for the ability to add extra slots to the server.


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#10 - 2010/11/01 10:43:47 PM
Please don't create petition threads.