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#0 - 2010/09/21 07:29:04 PM
I'm sure all rogues who arn't living in a cave already know that it is impossible to vanish a blind/death coil/ any projectile now on beta as well as on the PTR.

My question is - is this intended? And if it is, does blizzard recognize this as a problem and is actively trying to fix it?

I remember awhile back seeing a post made by Ghostcrawler stating that Vanish Immuning projectiles in the air is completely intended and is supported by blizzard.

However, if this truely is intended, can we please just have old vanish back. This is a severe nerf to any rogue who is able to use vanish in a non-retarded fashion and quite frankly vanish immuning has become a staple of our class for 6 years now. Every high end rogue recognizes this as a severe nerf, not only to the overall ability but it also "dumbes down" vanish by alot.

I'm pretty sure that the majority of rogues out there will GLADLY have the "old vanish" given back to us and having Cheap Shot on its on DR again as compensation.

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#130 - 2010/10/31 06:09:04 PM
The purpose of Vanish in Cataclysm is to get back into stealth. If you want to avoid harmful effects, use Cloak of Shadows.

We grew tired, as did many players, of "Vanish never works LOL" so we looped back to the original intent of Vanish being about stealth. That is why the tooltip specifically says that harmful effects won't break Vanish, but does *not* say that the harmful effects won't land. We understand some rogues liked using Vanish to "dodge spells" but the ability was never designed to work that way and never was going to work that way very well. The more we tried to let it be a damage negater, the harder time we had letting it guarantee stealth.

There is a current live bug with pets and guardians being able to still target a vanished rouge. That will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Other than that, we are not aware of any issues that keep the ability from working as advertised. Most concerns seems to be rogues who want it to work a different way.