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#0 - 2009/12/22 10:28:24 AM
Don't swing by these forums much, but since I'm hoping to get clear information on the Resto Druid 4T10 bonus as soon as possible, I wanted to strike up a discussion either hope to ether get clarification from Blizzard or to find out right away when somebody confirms on live how this set bonus works (not for a few more weeks, I know).

The big question is:
When it procs and "jumps," is the initial Rejuvenation (the one that caused the proc) consumed, or does it continue to tick normally?

There are a few other questions, but they're minor and aren't likely to affect whether we pick up the bonus. This question completely determines how attractive the bonus will be. It's very different to make any gear plans when we can't tell whether the bonus will be a) somewhat useful or b) unusable.

Thanks for any information.


While I'm at it, since I always see a ton of people posting various attempts to compute how much overall healing this bonus will add, I'll give a little mathematical appendix with an accurate computation.

A) If it works as we hope, each Rejuv will proc an average of 0.12 new Rejuvs (no need to break down the binomial coefficients, the sum is easy to see). But, since the new Rejuv can also proc more Rejuvs, the actual percentage of Rejuv added by the proc is the sum of an infinite geometric series 1 + 0.12 + (0.12)^2 + (0.12)^3 + . . . .
The sum of the series is 1/(1 - 0.12) = 1.13636+. 13.6% more Rejuvs from the proc.

B) If it works in the "bad" way, eating our HoT's when it procs, it's trickier. Rejuv ticks 6 times. The chance of a proc on tick n is (0.02 * 0.98^(n-1)). A proc on tick n effectively adds n extra ticks of Rejuv or n/6 extra Rejuvs, from what would have happened otherwise. The average number of Rejuvs added is
Sigma{n=1 to 6} (n/6 * 0.02 * 0.98^(n-1)) = 0.06547.
But, we again have to consider chain procs. Summing the geometric series just like before, the total value is 1(1 - 0.06547) = 1.700+. 7.0% more Rejuvs from the proc.

So it's half as strong, in addition to what I really think will keep people from using it, which is the sheer annoyance of randomly having your HoTs bounce early off of their intended targets.

If it works like (B), the best-in-slot suit will probably be 4T9 + 1 offset item, all the way through Icecrown (anyone advocating using the 2T10 instead has not done the math on the 2T10). I hope that such a poorly conceived set bonus is not going to go live, but the wording of the 4T10 ("jumps") somewhat implies that this might be the case, as well as some reports from the PTR. If that's the case, we need some discussion before people have enough Emblems to actually buy the set (likely early February), so this can be addressed without causing a great deal of annoyance to players.

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#53 - 2010/01/01 03:49:52 PM
Q u o t e:
When it procs and "jumps," is the initial Rejuvenation (the one that caused the proc) consumed, or does it continue to tick normally?

The latter. The Rejuv doesn't leap off of the target you actually wanted to heal. You just sometimes get a second hot on someone else.

It sounds like it was broken on the PTR for awhile, but we're pretty sure it works correctly on Live, and if not, we'll get it fixed.