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#0 - 2008/12/07 09:21:17 PM

I crafted a mechano-hog (15-17k g), I was excited... really... but... after a few rides, I felt like I threw the money out of the window.

These are the reasons
1)The mounting/dismounting system- 3 second cast+ 1 sec animation.
2 I had to click the dismount button to get of the hog.
3 I gave a lift to a paladin, but the crusader aura did nothing.

add1. ok, the animation is cool, no discussion about that... but, the +1 sec mounting/dismounting time is a real annoyance. Imho the animation duration should be part of the castingtime.

add2. It is a mount (classified in engineering skill), why is it constructed like a vehicle? Doesn't make sense to me. The mounts I crafted with engi before (Flying machine and Turbo FM) acted like normal mounts (mouse clicks in order to make a acktion like mining or hitting action bars dismounted me). So I have to reapeat myself: this is a mount... so why doesn't it act like one? Nor I and nor other hog-riders I have spoken to want to have to click the dismount button and wait then 1 sec to use some ability. Or atleast make it dismount automatic after atempting to do an action.

add3. first 4 words in add2., so why?...

I'm a rogue, I want to ride this thing, I spent a lot of golds on it... but due to the dismounting thing, It's unusable in pvp (stealth? vanish?... no chance) or for any gathering profession like mining (realy annoying).

Imho this is a discrimination of owners of these type of mounts ( tundra travelers mammoth, mechano hog, etc). We payed lots of golds to have deluxe mounts but have something that perform's even worse then common 100% mounts. :(

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#21 - 2008/12/16 02:32:06 PM
Thank you for your feedback on this mount. In a future patch -- possibly 3.1 -- all vehicle-style mounts will be changed to function like standard mounts.