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#0 - 2008/12/09 05:12:13 PM
This one...

and the reply from Vaneras:
Q u o t e:
Posting nerf suggestions against a class in the very class forum of said class will be considered pure provocation, nomatter how constructive your intentions are. Nerf calling = flame-baiting!

Therefore, if you have suggestions or ideas for ways to change or improve the game, please post them in the suggestions forum.

Thank you.

I should have mentioned that I'm in fact playing a priest myself, through all of TBC. I've switched to a warrior in WotLK, but am already switching back because my guild is currently loaded on tanks, and lacking healers.

I'd also like to point out that I wasn't calling for nerfs, I was only accepting the fact that Ghostcrawler announced them, and tried to suggest some alternatives to the cooldown that's probably going to be implemented now, as I think this is a poor solution. If this should have been posted in the suggestions forum, then my apologies, but I felt this is a class issue, not a game design issue.

I apologise to all priests who felt provocated by my post. The only thing I'd like to say to some of you is this: I think that when GC or any other Blizzard poster states a certain ability is OP and needs to be nerfed, and explains why in a very sensible way (balancing encounters around an OP ability, the chair analogy) it's of very little use to just state the opposite and say it's fine. Accept the fact that an ability needs changing and try to help with suggestions in how to do it.

I'll just retreat from these forums now, apparently this isn't the place for a proper discussion. I completely fail to understand why my old thread was locked and one titled "Mind sear is crap, designer brainless?" is allowed to continue.

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#6 - 2008/12/10 11:05:17 AM
Q u o t e:
Youre not allowed to post about locked threads, so im afraid this is going to get locked too, but id just like to say I thought your idea about spamming CoH putting up an arcane-blast style debuff was a very good one. Post it in the suggestion forums and see where it gets.

This :-)