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#0 - 2008/12/11 02:03:03 PM
So, mount/pet munchers, a new challenge awaits you now.

New achievements:

* Lil' Game Hunter - Collect 100 unique companion pets. - Reward: Little Fawn's Salt Lick
* Mountain o' Mounts - Obtain 100 mounts. - Reward: Blue Dragonhawk Mount / Red Dragonhawk Mount

So who's going for that? I know I won't, don't even have 50. ^^

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#16 - 2008/12/16 01:36:40 PM
Q u o t e:
I would like to know how one would get that 100 mount one currently i can get abotu 80 orso excluding the 16k mount and the 2 from the giants

It is possible for all races to achieve this, though the upcoming mount restriction change in patch 3.0.8 will also help with this.

Though some Achievements are easy to gain, others are intentionally harder to achieve. We're not wanting everyone to be able to get every achievement in a super fast time -- some will take a bit of time and effort, and not everyone will have them. Some players appreciate being one of few to be able to receive the unique mount which is a reward for completing this achievement.

Good luck :-)