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#0 - 2008/12/19 01:20:08 AM
Ok so I'm resto and im tired of it so I decided that I want to spec elemental and stay elemental for mainspec raiding because I have been craving it for a long time. So I start looking up gear searching for hit gear because I have none right now with my healing gear.
And I notice that there is only 1 single piece of gear with SP and hit that is a drop from all of the heroic instances. I also cannot find anything from either LW OR tailoring that I can get made for me that has hit rating.

Where is all the hit!? I can't spec elemental without any hit, and i'm gonna die an unhappy resto shaman.

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#2 - 2008/12/19 02:24:42 AM
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Great question. I was wondering that myself. I've heard so many other classes talking about how hit is so important for anything past heroics. And the OP is right, there is no hit on our gear in the heroics/crafting. I know that we have a talent in Ele that increases our hit by 3%.. not sure if that's enough. I don't know if it's safe to assume that Bliz doesn't intend on ele Shams needing much +hit for, say, Naxx... or else they would have put more +hit gear on the mail spell power gear. I don't know if it's safe, but I'm just going to assume for now.

Anyone have experience past heroics w/o much hit?

We didn't put as much hit on gear as we did in Burning Crusade as it was frustrating for players who were already at cap to see tons of gear with more hit on it. There is plenty of hit gear, however. You'll need to do some research on where it drops, and if you're not at hit cap when you enter a raid (with precision you'll need 14% against raid bosses), use food and elixirs to compensate.