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#0 - 2008/12/19 02:01:56 AM
I read that Blizzard is going to be changing the elemental tree by
1) combining elemental warding with elemental shields
2) reducing the cost of unrelenting storm
3) moving storm, earth and fire to a lower position
4) adding a new talent which increases the effect of lightning bolt

While I am happy to hear about these changes, I am concerned that elemental shaman will need to invest an additional 5 points into the elemental tree. While one could argue that with the changes, elemental shaman will have an additional 5 points to spare, I for one invested in neither of the protection talents, and would rarely spec 5/5 into unrelenting storm (at level 80).

I would like to know just where Storm Earth and Fire is going to be moved, so that I can have a chance to give feedback before it's implemented. I am concerned about the change mainly because there are worthwhile talents to invest in on both of the other trees. The talents that I am afraid will become unattainable are in the 10-15 point range of enhancement & restoration. As it is right now, its a worthwhile sacrifice to get those talents - If I had to spend more in elemental, I would be likely to lose those talents.

- Subsandwich

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#1 - 2008/12/19 02:20:48 AM
Unrelenting Storm and Storm Earth and Fire will both become three point talents, so that should free up a few talent points for you. The new talent will improve damage on lightning bolt and lava burst, so it's one you'll want to take as an elemental shaman. You should be able to grab that talent and still place 14-pnts in enhancement. I'm curious where else in elemental you're spending your talents.

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#7 - 2008/12/19 02:41:19 AM
Q u o t e:
For future referance the majority of people who from way back when mind you. Choose to make Enhancement shaman for PvP. The design that blizzard is following is strickly PvE an raiding.

See thats not working for us Enhancement. We do PvE but with the current armor issue being so low at about 7000-8000 armor. At level 80 it wont work at all. We are at a 34% damage redcution where everyone else is at 65-67% damage reduction. Our armor is way too low. So is our health. We need resistances turned on to resist even with 0 resistance gear on.

....( sigh)....

The class needs to be just pain an simple restored to the way it was. Just get rid of all the new stuff an start over when its working the way it was before TBC. Then start one step at a time. Adding things WITHOUT deleting skills.

Your intended to be a dps spec, not a tank.