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#0 - 2008/12/19 02:41:22 PM
I know a lot of people are complaining about this, but I really have to ask for some kind of sign one way or the other - I am a fairly casual player, and it'd kill me to dump Engineering and spend thousands of gold levelling up another profession if Bliz is planning to release whole bunch of cool Engineering stuff to bring it up to the same level as other professions like Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting.

I loved Engi in TBC, mainly for the DPS goggles - they were so good I actually wore them into Sunwell. But the WotLK equivalents are nowhere near as good as the BoE BSing helm, or even stuff in Naxx10.
- The Hyperspeed Accelerators or the Rocket Launcher pretty much suck for PvE DPS compared to a standard Crusher chant
- The Nitro boosts are useless in PvE
- The belt-clipped spynoculars are either made obsolete by the goggles or use up a belt slot which could contain a BSing socket with an extra gem instead, etc etc

About the only thing Engi has going for it are the tanking goggles (comparatively a lot better than the DPS goggles but still easily replaced in Naxx), the Armor Plated Shotgun, (which I can't use, lol) and a motorbike that costs more gold to make than I've ever had at any single point in time in my whole time playing WoW - and which doesn't even freaking FLY, making it essentially a gimmick and a gold-sink, as you fly *everywhere* in this game now.

Finding mote clouds is nice, but not worth keeping a whole profession for. About the only reason I haven't ditched is that I can't quite stomach the thought of spending 2k gold to level up something else...but I'll have to do it if Engineering isn't given a shot of adrenaline.

So, please: I need to know if Bliz is planning to release better Engi stuff some time soon? I'd kick myself if they released awesome goggle upgrade schematics and I was sitting there 245 points into levelling JCing, for example. I don't need specifics, I just want to know in general terms if this is an area that will be reviewed, and what the plans are for it. If there's definitely no plans to change the current state of engineering, then I'll level something else instead.

And just so this isn't a whine with no constructive about:
- "Battle Golem Controller", a giant mechanical mount with WEAPONS (maybe you could pilot him around with 4 friends, one in each of his limbs Voltron-style :D)
- "Chainsaw edge" weapon enchant that inflicts a stacking heavy bleed DoT-effect competitive with other weapon chants
- "Laser targeting system" head enchant increasing hit, crit and expertise: available to engineers only and *better* than the normal PvE head chant everyone else gets (just like Inscription shoulder chants or LW Fur Lining are for their slots) - maybe add an effect that upgrades the engi goggle stats to 213 iLevel when you fit them with the engi targeting system?
- "Titanium Shock Absorber" add to chest or shield to reduce x% of all damage taken
- "Electrified Armour" add to chest or shield to inflict lightning damage everytime you are hit
- "Adrenaline Injector" provides Crit, or Haste bonus like Hyperspeed Accelerators, but one that lasts for 20 seconds instead of 10 so that it's competitive with PvE trinket on-use effects, effectively giving engineers a 3rd trinket to use
- "Personal Teleporter" lets you blink on a 2min cooldown - maybe has a 1% chance to blink you automatically in a random direction everytime you take damage, just to make it a bit fun :p
- New Flying Mount: Humanoid Cannonball (click your desired destination on the map and BOOM - gets you there at 400% speed, but you can't stop or change course and you lose 90% of your health on landing unless you land in a lake)

I mean cmon, I thought these up in one slow afternoon at work, and I think they're all pretty cool. Surely there's something that can be done with this profession!

Engineers, /sign if ya feel meh :D

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#1 - 2008/12/19 03:04:13 PM
I've never yet dropped a profession, I love them all. So tell me, what is the *one* top thing you'd like to change about Engineering? Just one, and short please :-)

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#364 - 2009/02/23 01:40:17 PM
I dropped a profession to take up Engineering back at level 70. Roflcopter, anyone? :)

I have no regrets with my choice either, but that's just me.

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#369 - 2009/02/23 02:41:46 PM
Q u o t e:
So what you are saying is that engineers are wrong to expect the unique profession self-buffs that ALL other crafting professions (except tailoring) have, because we got a flavor mount in the last expansion?
This is not what I said at all, so please do not misquote me.

Your suggestions have not been overlooked, I was merely stating my incentives for choosing this profession, whether they match your thoughts is neither here nor there. We continue to welcome your constructive thoughts on (and suggestions for) the profession.