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#1 - 2020/10/21 08:30:13 PM

This week’s Shadowlands Beta build includes several notable updates that are now ready for testing.

Renown User Interface
This UI has been revamped. It is no longer attached to your Reservoir UI NPC. It now has its own dedicated NPC in your Sanctum. It should be much clearer now what your past and upcoming rewards are, and some rewards on the Renown track have been put in more appropriate places.

Talents have also been reorganized, and players will find that in most cases, the talent that was previously the final ability is now the starter ability.

In cases where that didn’t happen, the existing talents have been tuned to match the a more-expected power level.

Ve’nari Torghast Items
Ve’nari in the Maw now sells several items that serve as meta-progression for Torghast. You can buy the items and use them, but they aren’t functional in this build. We expect to have all of this functioning as expected in next week’s build.

Thank you very much for your testing and feedback.