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#1 - 2020/10/14 02:35:27 PM

So yesterday I noticed that my Gladiator title was available to all of my characters. However today I log in and see that it has been removed from all my characters EXCEPT for the character that I actually obtained gladiator on (A few seasons ago). So my question is, will Gladiator title no longer be account wide but remain a permanent Title on the character that achieved it? This is what seems to be the case now. Thanks

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#3 - 2020/10/14 10:04:24 PM

Yes, and there were changes made to Gladiator titles and mounts over the course of the Shadowlands Beta, so we’d like to clarify our intentions.

  • Each season, the “Adjective Gladiator” title (e.g. Sinister Gladiator or Corrupted Gladiator) is awarded to characters that end the season in the top 0.1% of the 3v3 Arena ladder. This title is permanent and character specific, and includes legacy “Rank 1” titles which were earned under the old Battlegroup system.
  • The “Gladiator” title is awarded to characters that win 50 3v3 games while at the Elite Rank. This title is seasonal – it is available for the duration of the season in which it is earned, and it is character specific.
  • The Gladiator mount (e.g. the Corrupted Gladiator’s Proto-Drake) is awarded under the same circumstances as the “Gladiator” title and is available to all characters on that account permanently.

Going into Shadowlands, the availability of the mount is the only change here. Any other change related to the above rewards is a bug that will be quickly fixed.

We apologize for the confusion.