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#1 - 2020/08/14 09:39:01 AM

December 9th 2009 ICC opened I had joined a new guild and this was my first raid Main Tank had to put on a show.

Met a shammy in that raid … she didn’t like me it turns out.

Fast forward 10 Years to today, we’re engaged and waiting anyday now to meet our first born (Named Arthas, it started as a joke placeholder but love the name and baby so its sticking, hope he doesn’t stab me with a sword one day thinking about it.)

As we wouldn’t of met without wow etc etc we feel you are somewhat responsible and its now time for some child support how about a free Shadowlands.

(Don’t worry free stuff is 100% a joke. Frankly just like telling story and so happy baby is on the way, really believe without Warcraft I wouldn’t be as happy as you’ve made and mrs thank you all and have a great day)

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#15 - 2020/09/19 02:46:00 PM


Happy Birthday to the little one, and congrats to Mum and Dad!

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Edit: Moving this to the General Discussion forum, from Customer Support as it’s a little hidden away here :slight_smile: