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#1 - 2020/07/12 06:55:32 PM

I logged on today wanted to buy transmog set for my priest.

Found Duskvale too hat for 70k gold. Too expensive I thought. So I /2 looking for Item linked cheaper than AH

I did that twice. Figured nobody will read /2 because too many boost services.

Logged off and went to warrior did invasion and thought about doing m+ and the game told me your account is silenced. I receive email saying mass reported.

I have not done anything! Anyways the silence is for 24hrs and the appeal ticket is 39 hours?! How is that even possible!

What shall I do?

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#21 - 2020/07/13 06:35:08 AM

Wise Tauren is Wise.

Fsefssesf, appeals aren’t handled on the forums. On this one occasion we’ve made an exception and I’ll give some insight, as the information may help others avoid the same mistake.

Your account wasn’t silenced without reason, you were actioned for an inappropriate group finder description related to a specific part of one’s body.

So, as a reminder to all, the looking for group, and guild finder listings, are subject to the code of conduct

The reason you can post on the froums is that in-game and forum actions are independent of one another. While we do have the option to strike both, we very rarely do.

If someone believes a strike is incorrect, please use this link, and not the forums: