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#1 - 2020/07/02 08:00:21 PM

being a fan of gnomes since i started i just wanna say that blizzard nailed the customization for the gnomes, with crazy colours and hair style for more young geniuses and the old wise scientist style hair now all in one. Im happy that we left that image of old wise/crazy gnome behind and brought some variety to their fashion style.

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#19 - 2020/07/03 11:02:08 AM

A curious Gnome is a healthy Gnome! Where would a Gnome be without their thirst for knowledge! A leper gnome! Or worse, a Trogg! Yuck!

We love that you’re all hyped for the new expansion and are looking forward to potential new changes and encourage everyone to suggest and discuss new changes.

Forum staff, customer support, etc, like myself 99% of the time have no more knowledge on what’s coming next than the rest of this amazing community; so with regret we’re not able to answer questions or provide any information about future plans or content, or really comment on suggestions as doing so can be miss-interpreted in a number of ways.

We do want to encourage discussion, sharing ideas, and what you’d like to see, and to read what is interesting for you though :slight_smile:

So, I hope you understand that we do not ignore suggestions and questions like yours, we just have to be hyper-careful so this is why we tend to not reply.

This is a very long answer to your question to simply say “I don’t know,” but I thought some background would be better :wink: