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#1 - 2020/07/06 06:23:36 AM

Hey all, hope you’re safe and well.
As I am sure you are all aware Ion Hazzikostas and John Hight will be doing a live stream this Wed the 8th July, 9am PDT which I believe is 2am GMT (could be wrong on that I haven’t double checked but think we are 7 hours ahead). It has been advertised they will be announcing more things about SL.

However other than potentially a Beta and an Official live date what else do you think they will discuss or show us? I think we know most things so am curious if there will be anything new?

I was also thinking about this last night and was wondering if we may even hear that Ion will be stepping down as Game Director. Either promotion or moving to another company. He has been in the role for sometime now and with the cancellation of Blizzcon they haven’t really had the channel to announce it. With perhaps John Hight taking over as GD, especially as John has never done one of these live streams before it is unusual, to my knowledge anyway.

I am probably wrong but it got me thinking. What do you guys think will be in the announcement and do you think there will be any surprises?


5pm in UK
6pm central europe
7pm eastern europe and most pf the middle east

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#49 - 2020/07/07 02:26:56 PM

To be more clear, the presentation will be at:

  • 5pm, London time

  • 6pm, Paris time

  • 9am, Los Angeles time

All details are on our blog: