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#1 - 2020/05/05 02:38:20 PM

I’ve got tired of disbanded guilds, I’ve got tired of guilds moving to the Horde side for a few more Mythic Raid boss kill…

At long last, I’ve created my own guild. A guild that consist of me and my alts and a friend, one 1Level cofounder Human Mage, one 10 Level Human Hunter. A traitor cofounder gnome warlock left the guild soon after creation process but we are good.

Method and Limit shivering in fear because I’ll dethrone them soon enough, you are gonna feel might of the Xcutiøn…

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#37 - 2020/05/06 09:14:34 AM

Who hurt you!

Gives the little Vulpera a big hug and scruffles their ears

You actually don’t need to do this at all, you can create additional ranks and ensure that no-one but you holds rank 1, 2 or 3 if you are genuinely worried about this.

It’s also a great idea to go to the Blizzard application, SOCIAL tab, press GROUPS+ and create a group for you and your guildies so that you can keep in touch even if you happen to play another game like Overwatch for a bit.

It’ll also allow you to tell members who might be away for a bit of special guild events (Voice coms karaoke night? Gnome raid on hogger?) or tell them that Children’s Week ends in a couple of days and that they should go get their rewards :slight_smile: