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#1 - 2020/02/18 08:50:43 AM

Try playing in the morning any day. Russians forming premades with 5 or more (usually full team) cheaters. Guys immune to any sort of CC, using kick without triggering CD EACH single global, healing for 100 % dmg taken, dealing excessive amount of dmg, ussing rangehack, loshack etc. Why Bizzare, why do you allow this sort of dirty play? START BANNING CHEATERS!

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#17 - 2020/02/18 11:17:17 AM

Just really wanted to come in here and make it very visible what the others are suggesting here. Report, report, report. Contrary to popular belief, we do investigate reports sent to us and you can do that either by using the right click report function ingame or by using the e-mail

The only callout is that you should use the e-mail only if you have alot of screenshots, videos or other data you wish to include. Unlisted youtube videos will work as an example.

Investigations are something we want to do right. This means they can take time and due to the fact we are handling other persons data, we will not be able to share exactly how that investigation is done.

So again, if you ever suspect someone or a group of people breaking the rules of the game, report them right away.