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#1 - 2020/02/08 07:14:50 PM

Hi guys!

I’ve recently come back to WoW for patch 8.3. I’m not interested in all the 8.3 features and all so no need for discussion about the patch haha! What I care for is unlocking Voldunai! because: fox.

Now, I lvld a horde to 120 and did some stuff with it in 8.0. Now im 12200/21000 to exalted, any tips for getting exalted asap?? Any help is useful! (maybe there is catch up stuff added in 8.1, 8.2 or 8.3?

Thx all! Can’t wait to play Voldunai

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#13 - 2020/02/09 11:58:26 AM

Welcome back and good luck on your road to getting that Rep! Lots of great tips here! :smiley: