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#1 - 2020/02/09 09:24:19 PM

I feel the little information blizzard has about faction change are too vague

I’ve seen the reputation equivalents for both factions on blizz’s website, but what about all the other reputations that aren’t listed?

Heres link to the reputations that I have done on my main:

Specifically, which reputations do I lose (have to redo)? I’ve heard you lose some, other say you lose nothing. Some say you lose EVERYTHING related to argent tournament - is this true?

Other than that, what else do I lose / have to redo? I know the faction related story / quests will have to be redone.

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#2 - 2020/02/09 09:47:39 PM

Hey Pallad,

The information from the Support Article is a callout for reputations what would be affected by the faction change. The list is showing how the reputations get mirrored to the new Faction.

Everything else is considers faction neutral so your reputation doesn’t change with them unless otherwise called out.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: