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#1 - 2020/01/10 09:21:41 PM

Was reading the Content Update Notes and although there was tons of talk about our new legendary cloaks, there was no mention of if we would still get cloaks or not from our weekly chests, pvp, etc. I can imagine the annoyance and frustration of someone to get a cloak at the end of the week when they have a legendary cloak that would always be better.

Anyone have any links/ sources confirming or denying? Would appreciate it.


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#29 - 2020/01/10 11:07:21 PM

Just wanted to reinforce what he said.

Existing cloaks will still drop (like quests, Eternal Palace, catch-up systems, etc.), but there are no cloaks from Ny’alotha, and the weekly chests (M+ and PvP) were adjusted so they don’t drop cloaks either.