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#1 - 2019/12/12 10:17:49 PM

So today i got silenced in the trade channel for no reason.

As far as i know, the TRADE CHANNEL is used for that, trading and selling.
Thats all i did.
Sale my stuff.

I have a macro that puts in /2 the thing i sell (Mechano-Hog, JW Panthers and Vial of the sands).
And another one that sales truegold, arcanite and so.

Is this punishable ? Because i see people spamming their carries for IRL money and nothing happens, but i got silenced just for selling my stuff i crafted ?
Can i appeal on a ticket ?

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#108 - 2019/12/13 07:12:51 PM

I’m going to pull this over in to the CS Forum.

The category you seem to have been given is a little strange as I show it as spam, not inappropriate language, basically what would be considered abusive chat. I’m not sure why it would not list spam as the reason. Sorry for the confusion there.

Not if they are not properly reported they don’t. Additionally, simply because other folks are doing it doesn’t mean that you should as well. It’s like speeding. Just because others may be doing it to doesn’t mean you won’t get pulled over.

Before I lock this up I want to clear up some confusion. As the Game Master said you were hit for spam. The other folks on your realm felt that your messages qualified as it and our review of the situation confirmed it. I’ll provide a sample of what the denizens on your realm would have seen.

12/11 2:40:18 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:18 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:18 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:19 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:56 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:56 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:40:57 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:40:57 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:41:33 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:41:33 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:41:34 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:41:34 Trade - /Message 2
12/11 2:43:05 General - /Message 1
12/11 2:43:05 General - /Message 2
12/11 2:43:05 Trade - /Message 1
12/11 2:43:05 Trade - /Message 2

While I appreciate that you want to sell your items, Blighteater, the frequency of your messaging is more than a little excessive.